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Access to further education

Globally ranked as one of the most preferred higher education destinations, the UK welcomes thousands of students annually into its prestigious universities and colleges. The UK educational framework is designed to provide a student-friendly academic environment. Policies are regularly revised to ensure easy access to high quality and affordable higher education in the UK. 

International students who wants to pursue a bachelor’s master’s or a doctoral degree in the UK must meet certain financial requirements specified by the UK Government, to be eligible for a student visa. The financial requirements include the course fees and living (maintenance costs). However, on the date of your application for student visa, if you have been staying in the UK for at least 12 months with a valid permission then you do not have to demonstrate evidence of your funds. This means that, having completed a year of study in any of the higher educational institutions in the UK exempts you from the need to prove your financial capability to further pursue your education in the UK.

The policy has been implemented with the intention of easing the burden of educational expenses from students and parents. International students who want to continue their higher education in the UK – whether they want to enroll to a 1-year postgraduate degree from an undergraduate program or undertake postdoctoral studies at one of the renowned universities in the UK – they can effortlessly do so without having to worry about providing evidence of their financial stability. As international students familiarize themselves with the educational framework in the UK, the exemption from demonstrating financial evidence helps them cash in on their familiar experiences and helps in smooth transition to further educational courses.

Part-time job opportunities

Unlike other countries that restricts employment opportunities during academic tenure, the UK provides you the chance to engage in part-time employability to students pursuing higher education in the UK. For International students, it proves to be doubly advantageous. Firstly, part-time work opportunities help you attain financial security and brings in a sense of financial independence. It also provides you with a wonderful opportunity to contribute towards any financial assistance availed for your academic course. Secondly, part-time work opportunities can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to earn relevant skills, expertise and exposure about the employment scenario in the UK. International students can choose to work on campus or off-campus. It provides them with the scope to earn hands-on experience in their field of interest. 

Apart from enhancing your financial and career prospects, the part-time work opportunities help international students familiarize themselves to the culture and life in the UK.

The UK government protects the interests of anyone employed in the UK, irrespective of whether they are a citizen or an immigrant working under a student visa. Part-time work is restricted to a certain number of maximum weekly hours during the term time (Time when students are expected to attend classes, complete course works etc.). Outside your term time (holidays, time-offs etc.) you can work for longer hours. It is advisable to check about your eligibility and other guidelines before availing part-time work opportunities.

Some Don’ts for Your Reference

  • Do not exceed your maximum permissible work hours.
  • Do not compromise on your academics.
  • Do not engage in self-employment and business activities.
  • Do not take up a permanent full-time job.
  • Do not take up a role of a professional sportsperson or an entertainer.

It is extremely important to abide by the guidelines set by the Home Office regarding part-time employment opportunities for international students.

Safety in the UK

The safety and well-being of international students is highly prioritized in the UK. Policies and guidelines are regularly revised and updated to ensure that international students truly feel at home in the UK. Globally, thousands of students have successfully completed their higher education and embarked on their professional journey from the UK. The UK has provided a safe environment for people across diverse nationalities, culture, linguistic and cultural backgrounds to carve their professional journeys and personal identities.

24/7 Security Service on Campus

Most universities in the UK are equipped with a 24/7 high security service for immediate and urgent assistance. It is recommended that students acquaint themselves with the Security Support available to them and how to avail their services. Saving contact details and sharing them with the student community can be very helpful. Universities also conduct awareness programs to educate students about the safety services available to them.

Advances Technological Security Solutions

Security solutions in UK Universities employ access control, intrusion detection and fire and life safety surveillance technologies. Campus security operations are managed by highly trained security personals who ensure student safety within the campus. Physical access controls, smart network video recorders, safety mobile apps and other technologically advanced detection systems ensure the safety and well-being of the students in the UK. Some universities also provide shuttle services and security escorts to drop students to their accommodation during afterhours. 

Safety is a shared responsibility. As international students, some of the Do’s are:

  • Always keep the security contacts, police and medical emergency numbers handy.
  • If you feel unsafe at any point, always report it.
  • Always keep your personal details like contact, address, next of kin details updated in the university records
  • Always carry your health insurance card.
  • Always stay connected.
  • Keep your money and documents safe.
  • Be vigilant, always.

Supplementary study without visa

International students with student immigration permission to pursue a higher educational course in the UK are eligible to eligible to undertake supplementary courses at any level. The supplementary education provider is not required to have a Student Sponsor License nor are they or the student expected to notify the Home Office. International students can avail the opportunity to undertake short duration courses during vacations to upskill themselves in the relevant field of interest. The ease of access to short term courses can help students earn certifications that brightens their prospects in the career market.

Students can choose from a wide array of multidisciplinary courses. Although there are no immigration restrictions for international students to pursue supplementary study, but academic regulations of the sponsor institution must be carefully considered before applying for any supplementary courses.

Discover the UK landscape

Whether it is the tranquil countryside, the stunning coasts, or the captivating cities – the UK is truly a traveler’s delight. Various clubs in universities organize trips across the UK. Also, universities in the UK organize educational field trips. These provides a wonderful opportunity for international students to not just discover the UK landscape but also the English culture and lifestyle. Economical transportation and accommodation options are available for students. 

International students outside the European Economic Area national can travel to certain countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) with a single Schengen Visa.

The Schengen Visa Scheme encompasses exotic tourist destinations like France Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland Poland, Portugal, Norway, The Netherlands amongst others. Vacations and off-term times can be spent visiting exotic European locales without the hassles of applying for several independent visas for each country. The Schengen Short stay or travel visa allows a visit of up to three months in any six-month period and students are required to apply for it.

Its highly recommended that travels are planned well in advance and adequate research regarding the transport, stay, safety and other concerns are undertaken. Students must ensure that there is no disruption to their academic commitments. Visiting different countries, exploring varied cultures, cuisines and lifestyles vastly contributes in shaping our personalities, both personally and professionally.

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