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Award winning English language skills assessment and certification test, LanguageCert  is recognized by  prestigious Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) – a non-ministerial department that regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. One of the global leaders in language skills assessment and certification, LanguageCert’s development, delivery and award of qualifications process is of the highest quality. It is also recognized by Qualifications Wales as an awarding organization, offering International ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) qualifications.

Students willing to pursue their higher education in the UK can also prove their English language proficiency by taking the 4-skills (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) LanguageCert SELT exam. 

It is highly advisable for candidates to refer to UK Government guidance and their sponsors or academic institutions to confirm the required CEFR level, before registering for the exam. 

LanguageCert Application Types

  • LanguageCert International ESOL SELT B1 (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) – For students  applying for universities below degree level. The minimum CEFR level is B1.
  • LanguageCert International ESOL SELT B2 (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) – For students  Applying to universities for degree level and above. The minimum CEFR level is B2.

Test Delivery Types

  • Students can undertake the LanguageCert exam in two ways –
  • Paper-based – Administered by a rigorously audited exam administration process and in a highly secured environment.
  • Computer-based – Candidates can opt to give their LanguageCert exams online with remote, live invigilation.

Why You Should Take LanguageCert Certification

Credited with high-quality, internationally recognized language exams, LanguageCert is widely accepted by individuals, institutions and organizations globally. Some of the key factors contributing to its global popularity are : 

On-demand exams 

It assess all 4-skills (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) at all CEFR levels, on demand. 

High reliability and validity

The LanguageCert English proficiency tests boasts of high reliability and validity across all populations.  

Easy Accessibility 

From scheduling your LanguageCert exams to results, the process is quick and smooth.  Exams can be booked up to 24 hrs. in advance and results are provided within 3 – 5 working days. You can book a slot at one of the several hundred LanguageCert centres across the world. 

Variety of Exam Delivery Methods

To suit candidate’s requirements, exams are conducted both online and offline. Online exams with remote, live invigilation can be taken anytime, anywhere, 4 hours after booking. 

Internationally Recognized 

LanguageCert tests are Ofqual regulated English exams and Home Office approved UK visa exams 

Higher Accuracy

The LanguageCert test examines your real-life language skills and its accurate results ensure that the testing is fair. 

Vast Support Resource

LanguageCert team provides test preparation materials including but not limited to , free official practice papers, handbooks and recommended course books. Apart from helping you familiarize yourself with the LanguageCert exams, they also provide practical tips through webinars. 

Improve your CV

Adding your language skills to your resume gives you an advantage over other applicants when it’s time for you to apply for a job in the future. An ESOL or SELT certification, both of which are recognised internationally, makes your resume more impressive.

Enrich your vocabulary

Part of studying for your ESOL/SELT exam is learning new words and how to use them properly. With improved vocabulary, you can communicate with other people better.

Learn from distinct cultures

Communicating with people from other countries through a shared knowledge of the English language helps you understand more about their culture and other nuances. As a result, you can get along better with diverse people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take a LanguageCert Exam?

You can take your ESOL or SELT exams at a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre near you or in the comfort of your home when you register for an online exam.

If you take your ESOL or SELT exam at an Approved Test Centre, you may choose between computer-based or paper-based tests. Meanwhile, online exams require a computer, a webcam and a stable internet connection. It will also be monitored through live invigilation.

How and When Will I Receive My Results and Certification?

You will see your International ESOL results in ten business days after your exam, while your SELT results will be released three to five business days from your examination date.

A digital copy of your LanguageCert International ESOL results will be uploaded to your online account. The results will contain your exam level, numerical results per skill, and an overall achievement mark (High Pass, Pass, or Fail) for ESOL examinees.

You will also receive a hard copy of your ESOL certificate a week after the release of the results.

How long is an ESOL/SELT certificate valid?

LanguageCert’s international ESOL and SELT certificates do not expire. However, the university you’re applying to may have specific regulations about your certificate. Some may require you to have taken the exam no later than a year prior, so it’s best to check.

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