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The Russell Group is an association of 24 prominent public research universities in the UK. The Russell Group was established in 1994 and formally incorporated in 2007. The purpose of the association is to represent the interests of its members in matters related to the government.


The Russell Group comprises 24 of the UK's most prominent institutions of higher learning. In that sense, it could be compared with the Ivy League in the US. The group is so named because the heads of these universities first began meeting informally at the Hotel Russell in London.

Originally there were 17 members of the Russell Group. The most recent additions were made in 2012 when four new universities - Durham, Exeter, York and the Queen Mary University of London - joined the group bringing its total number of members to the current 24.

Here are the current members of the Russell Group and the research fields they are known for:

  • University of Birmingham - History, education, chemical engineering and psychology
  • University of Bristol - Theoretical physics, quantum computing, epidemiology
  • University of Cambridge - Arts and humanities, social sciences, engineering
  • Cardiff University - Aerospace, biomedical and life sciences, arts and humanities
  • Durham University - Geography, archaeology, education, classics, ancient history
  • University of Edinburgh - Artificial intelligence, neural computation, computing systems
  • University of Exeter - Natural sciences, biosciences, health research
  • University of Glasgow - Ultrasonic engineering, geometry and topology, international law
  • Imperial College London - Theoretical physics, medical research and innovation
  • King's College London - Medical sciences, physical and materials sciences, digital technology
  • University of Leeds - Medical technology, public health, climate and health
  • University of Liverpool - Chemistry, computer science, engineering, archaeology, agriculture
  • London School of Economics - Macroeconomics, financial markets, climate change & economics
  • University of Manchester - Quantum research, contemporary economic theory, genetics
  • Newcastle University - Social & cultural geography, spatial analytics & modelling, social sciences
  • University of Nottingham - Agriculture and food safety, biotechnology, bioscience for health
  • University of Oxford - Structural genomics, astrophysics & cosmology, nanoscience
  • Queen Mary, University of London - Materials research, bioengineering, applied data science
  • Queen's University Belfast - Engineering, business, law, architecture, physics, medicine
  • University of Sheffield - Low-carbon technology, early childhood education, medicine
  • University of Southampton - Cognitive psychology, metacognition, acoustics and audiology
  • University College London - Neuroscience, AI, cognitive science, bioinformatics
  • University of Warwick - Economics, sustainable agriculture, synthetic biology, epidemiology
  • University of York - Art history, computer science, robotics, climate change


The Russell Group includes some of the world's great universities. Nonetheless, the most important thing when choosing a university is that it offers high-level study in your chosen field and that you feel comfortable with your academic choices, the faculty and the atmosphere.

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